Kelly Wendorf, MCC, MECD
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How You Can Lead From Behind with Kelly Wendorf

A Virtual Campfire Podcast Interview with Tony Martignetti

Kelly Wendorf is an ICF Master Certified Coach and founder of EQUUS, a discovery, leadership, and self-mastery development organization. The company offers coaching for clients, thought leaders, and certifications for advanced coaches. She also founded KIndred Magazine, an Australian non-profit and alternative media outlet, where she spent 15 years learning about neuroscience and neuropsychology. Kelly is also the author of Flying Lead Change, a unique take on leadership based on the ancient system of the horse herd.

“The most powerful leadership is when you enable those you serve to be emboldened and be all they could be to the point where they don’t even know you’re doing anything.” – Kelly Wendorf

Kelly joins me today to share her flashpoints in life and how she found her passion for horses. She describes how her father influenced her work today, the influential people in her life, and how working with horses affected her career trajectory. She explains why horses are connected to the Earth through their heart as well as what we can learn from the way they live together in a herd. Kelly also discusses the time she founded Kindred Magazine and her company, EQUUS, and the importance of understanding your true self and how it relates to the way you lead.

Kelly Wendorf is an executive coach, spiritual mentor, facilitator, horse-woman, writer, poet, mother of two astonishing people, and courageous life explorer.
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