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Where to Stand As the World Goes Insane

Her situation is such a clear reflection of the zeitgeist. I see it happening everywhere around the world between families, friends, and colleagues. Whether we are speaking about mask-wearing, the validity of COVID-19, vaccines, or Trump vs. Biden, the left is beginning to sound like the right, and the right is beginning to sound like the left. Almost every issue in public discourse today is politicized, polarized, and fanaticized. Even a topic like ‘children in cages’ is rendered political instead of ethical and moral. What is happening?

Welcome to my office!

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Virtual EQUUS Herd Visit

While many of you can’t join us in person right now as we uphold COVID-19 travel restrictions and guidelines, join Kelly in saying hello to the EQUUS herd in Santa Fe, NM. Let us bring the herd to you!