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Leadership – It’s Not What You Think It Is 

In the wake of the last week’s New York Times article detailing the Russian theft of our democratic sovereignty, the SEC’s lawsuit against Elon Musk, and Kavanaugh’s hearing, it’s hard not to be especially mordant about leadership of any kind. The public, across the entire political spectrum, is beginning to question and argue about the […]

An Antidote to Overwhelm

It’s been two months since I’ve written an article, and the reason why begged to become a topic—overwhelm. It occurred to me one morning last week (while I was busy apologetically responding to several early July – yes, July – emails), that I had indeed succumb to the collective cultural cry of I’m really sorry; I’ve […]

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Optimizing Outcomes by Creating Good Containers

  When I was in my early forties, I had the good fortune of participating in a women’s intensive retreat with one of the world’s renowned women’s empowerment leaders. Her approach was intense, radical and unconventional, and not intended for the masses. Some of the most powerful moments of my life were inside that small […]

The New Midlife (not)-Crisis

  “I want to know if you know how to melt into that fierce heat of living, falling toward the center of your longing.” – David Whyte He drove up our driveway in his new silver Porsche 914. The top was down. He was wearing Foster Grants and a t-shirt. It was 1975 and my […]

The New Age of Corporate Enlightenment

  enlightened     /ɪnˈlʌɪt(ə)nd/ 1. Having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook. 1.1 Spiritually aware. 1.2 Possessing knowledge that brings change or transformation, usually through faculties such as wisdom. A few months ago I was having coffee with the former CEO of a large and well-known socially responsible company. Our conversation was lively […]

The Boxes We Live Inside

  I spent my high school years in a small Northern New Mexico town that was perched along the southernmost foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Our team mascot, a prowling orange tiger, was painted in loud colors across the gymnasium’s external wall, which took up easily half of the entire school (decidedly sports were more […]

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Throw Away Your Plans

Improvisation means coming to the situation without rigid expectations or preconceptions. The key to improvisation is motion — you keep going forward, fearful or not, living from moment to moment. That’s how life is. – Bobby McFerrin This time last year, on the heels of a severe hiking accident, I lay awake in the middle […]

21 Lessons on Leadership and Love from an Uncommon Master

  Frédéric Pignon is a gifted horseman, artist and the original visionary behind the world-renowned equine spectacular Cavalia. I recently had the good fortune of learning from him during a clinic here in New Mexico. In poignant serendipity, his US tour was a last-minute solution to the French government’s continued cancellation of large events (including […]

Stop Saying Kumbaya and Woo Woo

  The dark grey pigeon plummeted to the earth, and landed squarely on the asphalt at the intersection of Cerrillos Road and Richards Avenue. His downy body lay lifeless in front of my car at the stoplight. ‘Did you see that?’, exclaimed my friend in the passenger seat. ‘He fell right out of the sky!’  […]