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An Antidote to Overwhelm

It’s been two months since I’ve written an article, and the reason why begged to become a topic—overwhelm. It occurred to me one morning last week (while I was busy apologetically responding to several early July – yes, July – emails), that I had indeed succumb to the collective cultural cry of I’m really sorry; I’ve […]


The New Age of Corporate Enlightenment

  enlightened     /ɪnˈlʌɪt(ə)nd/ 1. Having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook. 1.1 Spiritually aware. 1.2 Possessing knowledge that brings change or transformation, usually through faculties such as wisdom. A few months ago I was having coffee with the former CEO of a large and well-known socially responsible company. Our conversation was lively […]


The Boxes We Live Inside

  I spent my high school years in a small Northern New Mexico town that was perched along the southernmost foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Our team mascot, a prowling orange tiger, was painted in loud colors across the gymnasium’s external wall, which took up easily half of the entire school (decidedly sports were more […]

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Throw Away Your Plans

Improvisation means coming to the situation without rigid expectations or preconceptions. The key to improvisation is motion — you keep going forward, fearful or not, living from moment to moment. That’s how life is. – Bobby McFerrin This time last year, on the heels of a severe hiking accident, I lay awake in the middle […]


21 Lessons on Leadership and Love from an Uncommon Master

  Frédéric Pignon is a gifted horseman, artist and the original visionary behind the world-renowned equine spectacular Cavalia. I recently had the good fortune of learning from him during a clinic here in New Mexico. In poignant serendipity, his US tour was a last-minute solution to the French government’s continued cancellation of large events (including […]