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Fail, and Fail Fast

Our start up company has been starting up for over three years now. I guess you could say we had version 1.0, 2.0 and now we’re starting 3.0. Every version gets better, thanks to all the mistakes we’ve made. And I am grateful for all the mistakes I’ve made in particular. Making mistakes is underrated. […]

An Authenticity Revolution

At three years old, my daughter MacKenzie became best buddies with a little blond boy named Jacob. Jacob was blind. But MacKenzie was unphased, and embraced Jacob into her world without hesitation.  It never occurred to MacKenzie that Jacob’s condition could be limiting in any way. She saw no handicap, and no label. So they […]

How We Hold People Small

On the islands of Hawaii, in their indigenous kahuna tradition, it is said that when a village member succumbs to a serious illness or a string of bad luck, the family is called to gather and confess their thoughts about that person. Such thoughts, it is believed, literally influence not only that person’s health, but […]

Living Life Deliberately

This summer a girlfriend and I strode out into the Colorado wilderness with forty pounds on our backs and lived above tree-line for several days.  The winter previous was a harsh one, leaving little snow melt by July. All hikers before us were turned away by icy catwalks that plummeted thousands of feet below leaving […]

There is Absolutely Nothing to Fear

I walked into the hospital room and asked Elsie, his caregiver, if I could have time with him. She smiled warmly and closed the door quietly behind her, muffling the sounds in the hallway, leaving just the rhythmic humming of his oxygen machine. I was alone with my father for the first time in years. […]

It’s Not Comfort, but Grace We Seek

In the work that I do, I find myself increasingly curious about this country’s growing obsession with pharmacology to alleviate suffering. Certainly what was once a right-sized response to genuine need, has become an insatiable and destructive behemoth. Nowhere is this most evident than in the emerging prescription pain pill crisis that is weaving itself […]