Adam Ram Charan

Adam Ram Charan, ACC, BCST

“I believe that when people are in deep alignment to what they truly love and value, that by nature fills their activities with a sense of connectedness, grace, and purpose. This is an expression of what in Sanskrit is called swadharma, or the right way of life for an individual soul.”

Adam Ram Charan has been passionate about exploring consciousness through meditation and healing work for decades. A native of New York, he has spent the greater part of 30 years in India. He gained a deep appreciation and understanding of spiritual awareness practices and intuitive wisdom which finds expression in his practice of integrative bodywork and transformational coaching. He combines this with extensive training in holistic therapeutic approaches including Craniosacral Biodynamics, Somatic Movement Education, Somatic Experiencing, Ayurvedic massage, Thai bodywork, Myofascial Release,  Reiki, Pranic healing, and more. He received his coaching training and certification through Coacharya in Chennai, India. His coaching style integrates his therapeutic skills, intuition, and meditative presence in service to his clients’ genuine need to uncover and release limiting beliefs and fears, and reveal the inherent wisdom, love, freedom, connectedness, and strength that lies within everyone’s core.  He teaches and works extensively internationally and is based on Cape Cod from Spring through Autumn.