Kendra Prescott

Kendra Prescott, LPC, M.S.Ed.

“I have been touched deeply by the gifts of the horse and am witness to their transformative power. Allowing individuals time and space alongside a horse provides fertile ground for what is longing to come forth. I am committed to helping people as they navigate their life; discovering about themselves, learning about the world around them, stumbling through difficult circumstances, and prevailing with the gained insight and awareness that only comes from walking their path. What an honor to be in service to the pilgrimage of another, the quest of being human.”

Kendra is a Licensed Professional Counselor who thrives when supporting the growth and development of others. Whether it is teaching at the university level, providing psychotherapy to clients, or consulting for international companies facilitating leadership development programs, she applies her earnest desire to meet the unique needs of each individual. Kendra is also a lifelong horse person and brings her intimate knowledge and diverse experiences into the landscape of a client’s experience with the horse. As an ardent student of life and the horse, her curiosity and willingness to explore the wilds of existence cultivate excitement and deep gratitude for the opportunities of discovery we all have.

Kendra received her master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and applies Acceptance and Commitment Theory into her work. She realizes the practice of mindfulness and leading a values-driven life are essential skills to perform at our highest, both at work and in our personal life.