Liz Mathews

Liz Mathews, EECF

 “I discovered at a very young age that the horse is a sentient being full of strong emotions and great wisdom. I was frustrated with much of my early horsemanship training; focused on dominion-over rather than partnering-with. Through Equus I’m privileged to truly team up with these magnificent creatures.”

From her experience as a horsewoman, her long creative career, and the privilege of extensive world travel Liz has built the foundation for her current personal and spiritual commitment: training with Equus and working with horses in pursuit of insights about nature and the human heart.

Liz developed a deep understanding of the role of coaching, leadership and team building while working as an award-winning photo director for national magazines and Fortune 500 companies. Her lifelong love of horses, and her experience mentoring and coaching top creative talent, has led to her current role as Equus Experience Certified Facilitator-trainee and personal development coach.

She studied fine art at the University of California and earned a BFA in painting. From her pursuit of image making through painting and photography, Liz branched out into guiding artists to their truest and best creative expression. In her role as photo editor at Bon Appetit Magazine, and later as Managing Creative Director at LPK Inc., she worked with a roster of top-level creative talent; relying on active listening, intuition and curiosity. Liz brings those skills and insights to Equus, along with a profound desire to help others achieve their goals.