Susan Morel

Susan Morel, CPCC, EECF Candidate

“I’ve heard it said, our childhood never leaves us. Good, bad, or otherwise. So, being raised on the shores of Georgian Bay, Canada, surrounded by large granite rock and windswept pine trees has informed every step of my life’s path in a ‘hero’s journey’ kind of way. I have learned to sink deeply into the natural world and its capacity to heal myself and others. My journey as healer/counsellor/coach/teacher for 35 years has guided me to the magic of horses as four-legged helpers. Intertwining my helping spirit with natures’ gifts and horse love will lead me into my twilight years, and beyond, remembered by how I lead others to their very nature.”

Susan’s career path has always been dedicated to human services. She had an extensive vocation counseling, advocating, and facilitating groups for women who have experienced violence. She has also supported individuals through employment coaching and grief and bereavement groups. A passion of hers was teaching students of social work in a post-secondary setting. Before launching her coaching career, she culminated working for others as an Executive Director of a therapeutic riding facility. She is a lifelong entrepreneur, previously owning and operating a toy store, a construction company and for the last 12 years, a coaching and training practice dedicated to life coaching, equine therapies, and shamanic healing.