Online Presence Circle

Saturdays, 10 am – 10:40 Mountain Time (MDT)

This will be a lightly facilitated, non-denominational meditation group focused on deepening into presence. We come together as a virtual group and create a safe, supportive container for returning our attention home. The first few minutes will typically have verbal guidance on letting go of thoughts and conditions and resting as original awareness. There may at times be more somatic based/yoga nidra instruction at the discretion of the instructor. Occasionally there will be time for some verbal inquiry into deepening of the practice.

EQUUS Faculty member Adam Ram Charan brings a 30-year background in meditation and other presence-based and somatic practices into facilitating this circle . Each session begins on time. Be sure to arrive on time – due to the nature of the circle we cannot allow people in from the waiting room more than 2 minutes after starting time.

How it Works

Choose to join us for one session at a time, or choose to commit to 4 consecutive sessions. EQUUS Presence Circles are held every Saturday from 10 am to 10:40 am Mountain time. Your ZOOM access will be sent to you the day before via the email address you provide.

Refunds are not provided.

Register and Pay

Buy one spot for the upcoming Tuesday session, or a set of 4 consecutive sessions. Your ZOOM details will be provided by email the day before the event.

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