Medicine Wheel

Ancient Teachings for Modern Times



Participants are introduced to the traditional indigenous oral teachings of the Medicine Wheel, which has been used in indigenous cultures for thousands of years to help people heal, live harmoniously, and walk in balance on Mother Earth. Utilizing the traditional oral teaching methods, together the group will explore and experience the relevance and use of the Medicine Wheel as a healing tool for modern times. This learning experience provides ancient social and cultural foundations.


  • Learn how the Medicine Wheel provides a map for healing ourselves and others, helping us remember that we are a part of Nature, not separate from it.
  • Learn cross cultural views of non-traditional methods in therapy.
  • Be introduced to bridging the gap between the symbolic, indigenous people’s ways of thinking, and a therapeutic journey.
  • Discuss additional alternative interventions to individualized therapy.

“Wow, it is hard to put words to the experience that my Wisdom Circle has meant to me. The Circle was the container for me and my other cohorts to step into the unknown and the explore our boundaries, fears and our growth edges. It was the support and accountability that I needed to move me toward a long-held vision. Prior to the Circle, I was stuck in the fear of leaving the known and venturing into the unknown. I did not think I could really accomplish what I did in those six months – but I did! With the support of this Circle I am now on a path to actualizing my vision. This could be the best decision you make for reaching toward your dreams – I know it was for me!”

– Tammy Green, CEO,
Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center, Inc.

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