Medicine Wheel

Ancient Teachings for Modern Times

The Medicine Wheel – An introduction to an ancient map for healing, resilience and transformation

Throughout time, our ancestors have turned to ancient and natural forces to support and guide them through enormous shifts and change. Today as we collectively face unprecedented challenges, the magnitude of which we’ve never in human history had to navigate, we search for enduring wisdom for answers. A reframe may be that this ordeal is an initiation. All initiations require securing ourselves to something larger than ourselves, something eternal, in order to best navigate to the other side. In the midst of the chaos, one thing remains a constant: the earth, the universe and its rhythms and cycles. Tethering ourselves to an ancient system anchored in that constant will assist us to emerge on the other side with more wisdom, wellbeing and trust.

What is the Medicine Wheel?

The Medicine Wheel is an ancient and sacred technology for self-actualization, healing, conflict resolution, and personal development. For a millennium, indigenous cultures everywhere have used Medicine Wheels to bring about true healing to themselves, their communities, and Mother Earth. Much like the ancient stones of a labyrinth, the Medicine Wheel “spirals” us into the center of who we are. Four directions encompass the Wheel: East, South, West, and North. Each shield or direction is a “compass” point that depicts the symbolic rhythms and meanings of Nature and qualities of our humanity. It illuminates how we occupy our human spaces, from work, to our psyche, to relationships, and invites us to craft a map for deep healing.

What Will Understanding the Medicine Wheel Provide?

Today it is essential that we recover the global vision of the human who is dedicated to service, healing, and stewardship of our planet. The Medicine Wheel equips us with ancient knowledge that brings holistic health back to ourselves and others. When we embody the ancient wisdom of a practice, we are co-creating a more peaceful world into being. When we activate and participate in sacred technologies, we have opportunities to catalyze and transform the way we love and lead. When we make new trustworthy choices for our sustainability, we simultaneously make sustainability for the planet.

Description of Course:

Through sacred oral teaching methods, lead by Curandera (Medicine Woman) Niccole Toral, the group will explore and experience the relevance and use of the Medicine Wheel as a healing and self-actualizing tool for modern times. This is not a conventional classroom environment, but rather a ceremonial experience through which knowledge is attained.

Private and custom tailored in-person class at Thunderbird Ridge
. Please contact us for details.

Online Group Class
1.5 hours
$49.50 per person

Date / time – Dates available soon. Reserve your spot.

Limit 20 participants

This Medicine Wheel introduction course is a pre-requisite to more advanced EQUUS Shamanic Coursework: The Medicine Wheel – A Spiral into the Center. This course is a four-part series exploring of each directional shield, and its deeper application to your life and work.

Refund and cancellation policy: Because space is limited, EQUUS does not offer refunds on their classes or offerings.