Gay Men’s Wisdom Circle

An Innovative Approach to Deepening Self-Actualization, Cultivating Healthy Relationships, and Practicing Compassionate Leadership

As gay men, we need to do the work of positively defining ourselves in a way which society has largely denied us – as self-determining, sovereign beings who can show up with authority, integrity, and authenticity. This work is both a challenge and a gift. With this in mind we are creating a very special, 6-month online intentional group coaching journey for gay men to support each other in exploring and claiming the inner authentic voice that is our birthright.

There are conversations that gay men can have with each other that we are less likely to have in the presence of others – conversations that reflect our unique challenges and journeys. Join us in a newly forming EQUUS Wisdom Circle for gay men who are seeking a deep sense of connection, safety, belonging, and fellowship with other gay men as we explore these powerful topics.

This circle will be a journey of holistic exploration into our experience as gay men. We propose that everyone is a powerful spiritual being that is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole with unique gifts and growth opportunities.

This group will explore a wide range of issues from a standpoint reflective of that view, many of which are particular to gay men. Themes for exploration may include:

  • Internalized Homophobia

  • Holding and healing relational wounding

  • Safely navigating trauma triggers in ourselves and others

  • Inquiry into our fundamental nature, closer than our sexual or gender identity

  • Our special challenges and positive reframes

  • Shame, anger, healing, and freedom

  • What blocks us from living our potential; stepping beyond our comfort zone

  • Desire, intimacy, and conscious relationship

  • How it impacts our lives to deepen self-acceptance

  • Living without fear

  • Telling the truth

  • Coming out

We look forward to partnering with you in what will be a profound journey of learning, transformation, and manifestation of our potential as fully empowered gay men. 

Gay Men’s Wisdom Circle: $1,800.00

Optional Addition: 4 Individual Coaching Sessions: $1600.00

About Wisdom Circles

Wisdom Circles take on an organic life of their own based on the needs and interests of the cohorts. The themes explored will be emergent from the group. We will also include non-cognitive explorations such as somatic awareness exercises and meditation to help integrate discoveries into a truly transformational process. Wisdom Circles consist of a curated group of 8-12 cohorts, all of whom have a demonstrated core interest in lifelong learning, self-understanding, and conscious living. In general, participants have many of the following traits:

  • Lifelong learners

  • Motivated change-makers

  • Enthusiastic contemplators

  • Have some sort of long-term commitment to conscious living

  • Desire to evolve into higher and fuller self-expression

  • Drawn to serve the betterment of society and planet

  • Willing to take risks in inquiring into the truth

  • Wish to live a life of value

  • Legacy, impact, empowerment