Women’s Wisdom Circle

An innovative approach to cultivating masterful vulnerability, finding one’s true self, and undergoing deep transformation

When women gather, the positive ripple effect goes out around the world. There are conversations that happen among women that don’t happen in other contexts. And when those women are committed life-long learners, unafraid of depth, risks, vulnerability, and deep transformative change, then those dialogs and the discovery that goes with them are unparalleled. Are you one of those women? Are you ready to join seven other powerful allies who will take a six-month journey together to discover new insights, change limiting narratives, hold you accountable to your most authentic self and support you towards actualizing growth, meaning, and change?

The curriculum for every EQUUS Wisdom Circle is custom designed to meet the unique needs and desires of its members. This is determined through an in-depth intake process that illuminates various topics, themes and shared values of the circle.

Some themes we may explore together: 

  • Staying true to one’s inner rhythm in a world of haste

  • Cultivating masterful self-care

  • Exploring the ‘next’ in our lives

  • Defining allies and building alliances

  • Emotional mastery

  • Weaving and integrating the spiritual and the material worlds

  • Healthy self-entitlement and self-agency

…and much more

Kelly is taking applications now, space is very limited. Contact us below for details on applying.


Women’s Wisdom Circle: $1,800.00

About Wisdom Circles

Wisdom Circles take on an organic life of their own based on the needs and interests of the cohorts. The themes explored will be emergent from the group. We will also include non-cognitive explorations such as somatic awareness exercises and meditation to help integrate discoveries into a truly transformational process. Wisdom Circles consist of a curated group of 8-12 cohorts, all of whom have a demonstrated core interest in lifelong learning, self-understanding, and conscious living. In general, participants have many of the following traits:

  • Lifelong learners

  • Motivated change-makers

  • Enthusiastic contemplators

  • Have some sort of long-term commitment to conscious living

  • Desire to evolve into higher and fuller self-expression

  • Drawn to serve the betterment of society and planet

  • Willing to take risks in inquiring into the truth

  • Wish to live a life of value

  • Legacy, impact, empowerment