New Moon Sacred Pipe Ceremony

4pm-6pm MST on the New Moon of Each Month

Through the Sacred Pipe, we send “up” our voices to “That which is mysterious and alive”. This ceremony, facilitated by Lakota initiated ceremonialist and Pipe Carrier, Niccole Toral is an opportunity to work with other powerful realms around us. We speak our gratitudes, healing requests, and that which we want to seed. Sharing our dreams and inspirations with others can create an energy of support that will nurture those dreams and inspirations.

In this ceremony, we pray with the Sacred Pipe or the Can’upa and ask Great Spirit and Mother Earth to hear our prayers. The pipe is a conduit to transmit our healing, prayers, and blessings. The sacred Can’upa ceremony invokes an authentic sense of gratitude (what we are truly grateful for) and summons us to speak from our hearts as we share our healing requests. A pipe ceremony creates an energy of awareness which re-strengthens our connection to Mother Earth, the person who prays and the entire planet. After, each person will have 2 minutes to voice their gratitude’s and healing requests. A final prayer will be shared to close our circle and Niccole will smoke the pipe to release our gratitude’s and healing requests.

  • Demonstrate to people that they are united

  • Stimulate emotions

  • Healing from being seen, heard, and witnessed

  • Opportunity to feel a sense of love and belonging

  • Heartfelt Connection to Creator

  • Building community connection through sacred tradition and wisdom

  • Encourages an authentic spiritual connection to the Earth Mother

New Moon Pipe Ceremony: $225.00

Ceremony preparation includes receiving a ceremonial package ahead of time, which includes organic fair-trade, sustainable sage and a handcrafted clay smudging bowl, both sourced through indigenous growers and artisans.

Space is limited. Be sure to register at least 10 days before your ceremony date to ensure that you receive your package.

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