Meet Aedín, a little black mare who came to us in January of 2020. We renamed her Aedín after she lived with us for a while because of her amazing spirit. Aedín is Gaelic for ‘little fire’ and the name is associated with a mythical figure – a heroine who rides on a horse of fire from heaven to change the world. Aedín is indeed a little fire. At only 6 years old, she had never been trained, ‘broken’ or ridden. Though a very high pedigree horse and elite athlete — she ‘slipped through the cracks’ somehow and ultimately ended up at the “kill pens.” We suspect it was because she is not the kind of horse that is easily tamed, manipulated, intimated or forced. She didn’t play by the rules.

She was saved from the kill pens in 2019 by a benefactor who went to South Dakota to find her, claim her, and who brought her back to health. Ultimately, Aedín was brought to us. Even with the story of her past, her strong spirit is intact. She is not traumatized, bitter, mistrusting, shut down or numbed out. She has joined our herd of six equines with ease. Everyone loves her and respects her — it’s not always that easy to introduce a new herd member — the herd sees her as she is. We are not all what we appear to be. Aedín is small in stature and she is an absolute force. Aedín is kind, confident, brave, respectful of others, very fair, yet demands respect. It is heart filling to see her spirit blossom. She is not easily intimidated, becoming extremely fiery when she feels something is unjust.