We adopted sweet Katie from the Espanola Animal Shelter. We’ve been told she is a purebred Australian Cattle Dog. But we think she’s actually a Northern New Mexico Butterfly Sheppard. She spends her days chasing butterflies and their shadows. When not herding butterflies, she’s coaxing Molly to play games of tumble and roll.


Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ – Lizzie is a tuxedo cat, adopted from the animal shelter. When she arrived at Thunderbird Ridge, she had lived virtually her whole life in a cage, having come to the shelter as a kitten, and raised for over a year in that environment. Now she’s an adventuresome hunter, and is the first to enthusiastically greet our EQUUS clients at the driveway.


Super happy, joyful and content – Molly’s calm and welcoming presence soothes us all as she keeps a watchful eye on well, everything.


Dante (named after epic divine comedy Dante’s Inferno – an allegory representing the journey of the soul toward God). He is a an imported lusitano – a Brazillian bull fighting horse. He came to us from the equestrian world-wide show Cavalia and is credited for showing EQUUS the true way of liberty work.


Brio is a an imported lusitano – a Brazillian bull fighting horse. His name, when applied in Brazil to horse breeding, implies a particular quality of heart, fire, spirit and virtue.