Audrey Herrera-Castillo

Audrey Herrera-Castillo

Pre-Certified Transformational Coach, obtaining Professional Coaching Certification November 2019.


Audrey comes to the Equus team with a desire to learn, a thirst for authenticity and a love of teaching.

Culminating a career of nearly 30 in civil service at the end of 2018, during that time she found the vast majority of people want to do their jobs well. Unfortunately, often those same people have not been offered the skills for success from their employer. Audrey has developed a process to support those employees to find success beyond success. The process positively impacts the employer as well as the employee. Audrey enjoys working with people who have a desire to grow, improve and evolve in their personal and professional lives.

“I’m inspired by the human spirit. Often individuals just need a person to travel along with them to realize their confidence, harness their courage and move in safety to the next level, whatever that might be for them. I am blessed to be trusted by many to be that travel companion. I enjoy witnessing my clients growth and development while also experiencing personal growth and development alongside of them. Each experience helps me to be a better coach and serve my clients in a more authentic way.”

Dedicated leader, coach and mentor for nearly 30 years in civil service transitioned to innovative business owner with a focus on providing areas of improvement for individuals seeking to grow professionally and personally. Areas of expertise include leadership development, staff management, program management, tourism marketing, human resources, conflict resolution, contract administration and procurement and statewide customer service.