Cimarron means ‘the untamed one.’ He was a leopard appaloosa, and his lineage followed back all the way to Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce peoples who bred these horses to be outstanding war horses.

Cimarron’s spirit and impact resonates with everyone who’s spent time with him. His special vibration is still present here at Thunderbird Ridge. Missed in his body, his strong horse medicine connects with us and teaches us.

An EQUUS Wisdom Circle, named in his honor, took a moment to honor him and to invite his spirit in with as we carry the work of the Circle forward.

I have been repeating ‘Cimarron’ to myself often, appreciating his majesty and feeling super lucky to have his name carry us. – Meighan Leibert

In joyful memory of my mentor & friend Cimarron and his playful strength and presence, I commit to honoring his vitality through my full participation in our journey. – Tom Isaacson

There’s a calm moment, up close or even when viewed from a distance, when the invitation to simply connect and “be” happens. When accepted, it’s a shared moment. It’s an exchange of deep connection and true presence. There’s acknowledgement in this connection, and thrill, and joy, and peace, and everything that is. It is a silent invisible energized thread. It is felt where your soul lives. It’s that connection between spirits that once felt, is always available to you. This is my experience of the EQUUS herd and of Cimarron. – Dan Weil, CPCC

The most memorable experience, perhaps, is located a short but beautiful hike away from the resort, at Thunderbird Ridge. There, bordering the property of Egan’s former home (where local shamans have located two spiritual vortexes), co-founders Kelly Wendorf and J. Scott Strachan have launched a horse-assisted self-empowerment program, Equus.