Building Life Boats – Practical Advice for Building Financial, Emotional and Spiritual Resilience in These Times

This will be a great grounding seminar providing practical advice for building financial, emotional, and spiritual resilience in these chaotic times. Our panelists will cover everything from setting up a virtual workspace successfully to how to protect your mind and soul during a time of crisis.


Kelly Wendorf, MCC, MECD

Founding Partner

Kelly Wendorf is an executive and personal coach, published author, spiritual mentor, and socially responsible entrepreneur. Her early experiences were vitally and deeply shaped by the natural and ancient world around her where she learned a way of listening to forces within people, nature and moments. This unconventional education grants her a gift of perception that liberates untapped potential and hidden gifts within individuals and organizations, helping them to solve problems differently through a wisdom-informed and wholeness approach.


Mary Elaine Baker

President, Co-Founder
Patriot Advantage

Mary Elaine Baker is president and co-founder with her husband Brett of Patriot Advantage, a military spouse and veteran-owned boutique business that provides virtual administrative and marketing solutions for business owners and entrepreneurs who are task saturated. Recognizing the untapped potential of military spouses who often have difficulty maintaining traditional employment, they conceived of Patriot Advantage not just as a business opportunity but also as a vehicle for creating positive social impact by matching this talent pool and others who share the company’s values with entrepreneurs who needed to focus their time on their core business.

Topic: Running a Small Business Virtually

J. Scott Strachan, CPCC, PCC, MECD

Founding Partner

As a socially conscious educator, serial entrepreneur, speaker and facilitator, he brings a wealth of experience to his clients. Scott dynamically engages with organizational leaders, business groups and private clients to evoke positive, sustainable changes and expanded possibilities informed by what is already possible within them. His ability to illuminate the hidden strengths and capacities within his clients makes him a trusted companion to those who are strongly motivated toward transformation. Scott has worked within many highly matrixed companies, such as Microsoft and Cisco, to assist them with shifting their organizational culture towards one that is more conscious, aware and human.

Topic: Financial Reframes, Options and Tips

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Daniel Weil, CPCC

Founder, DNW Associates
EQUUS Faculty

Based in the foundation of the Co-Active® Model, Dan’s programs incorporate a lifetime’s unique experience, perspectives, curiosity, wisdom and an expansive ability to listen. He works collaboratively in his program offerings that are customized for private individuals, leaders, executives, or with groups. Dan’s specialties include Brand Development Coaching where he is especially gifted at assisting clients to discover the soul of their work and how it is authentically and powerfully expressed in the world. Dan also creates and facilitates workshops and retreats, designed to build connection — to inspire attendees from within themselves.

Topic: Service as a Way to Wellness

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Adam Ram Charan, B.C.S.T.

EQUUS Faculty

Adam Ram Charan has been passionate about exploring consciousness through meditation and healing work for decades. A native of New York, he has spent the greater part of 30 years in India where he gained a deep appreciation and understanding of spiritual awareness practices and intuitive wisdom which finds expression in his practice of integrative bodywork and transformational coaching. He combines this with extensive training in holistic therapeutic approaches including Craniosacral Biodynamics, Somatic Movement Education, Holistic massage, Somatic Experiencing, Ayurvedic massage, Thai bodywork, Myofascial Release, Reiki, Pranic healing, and more. He received his coaching training and certification through Coacharya in Chennai, India.

Topic: Somatic Anchors to Presence and Groundedness

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Niccole Toral, MA, LPCC, CDWF, TEP, Vision Quest Guide

EQUUS Faculty

Over the last 17 years, Niccole spent time as an apprentice under respected indigenous healers from the highlands of the Peruvian Andes, North American First Nations, and Mexico. During these apprenticeships, she underwent intense spiritual initiations, which became the matrix for her approaches to healing. Niccole specializes in Shamanic and Nature based ceremonies inherited from her North and South American ancestors and teachers during her training. She incorporates these ancient healing techniques to deepen a person’s experience of their loving and transformation so they may more fully inhabit who they authentically are.

Topic: Ancient Wisdom Practices and ‘Larger Perspective’ Spiritual Reframes

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