J. Scott Strachan, CPCC, MECD

J. Scott Strachan, CPCC, PCC, MECD

Founding Partner

J. Scott Strachan, is a gifted and empathetic executive leadership and personal development coach.

As a socially conscious educator, serial entrepreneur, speaker and facilitator, he brings a wealth of experience to his clients. Scott dynamically engages with organizational leaders, business groups and private clients to evoke positive, sustainable changes and expanded possibilities informed by what is already possible within them. His ability to illuminate the hidden strengths and capacities within his clients makes him a trusted companion to those who are strongly motivated toward transformation. Scott has worked within many highly matrixed companies, such as Microsoft and Cisco, to assist them with shifting their organizational culture towards one that is more conscious, aware and human.

“What is success anyway? It is not what we strive to attain or even set our sights on; true success comes from the way we show up and how we walk the path toward any goal or desired outcome. If we do not stay present, or negate a focus on our own intrinsic integrity, then the reaching of or attaining any goal is devoid of depth and substance. We can only feel real success when we wholeheartedly honor our values in any pursuit and when we never fail to take personal ownership and responsibility in every action we take and every word we speak.”

Scott partners with senior leaders ensuring identification of their personal values, reminding them they already have the ability to clearly articulate targeted intentions and through that, attain desired outcomes. Additionally, he assists them in cultivating and modeling conscious engagement within their teams and across any enterprise through emotional mastery, authentic and skillful communication, impeccable coordination, and deep accountability.

Today, Scott is Partner and Co-Founder with Kelly Wendorf at EQUUS, an innovative self-mastery, discovery and leadership development organization. The EQUUS Experience®, originally developed by business partner Kelly Wendorf, is an equine-assisted learning process — developed as a response to the limitations of conventional learning methodologies. Its current iteration, and complimentary processes, are continually developed by Scott and Kelly together.

Scott’s extensive world travels and serial entrepreneurial history has illuminated for him the important impact each individual person brings to any organization or community large or small. In addition to his work with EQUUS, Scott is founder of Intrinsic Path, a wholeness-based approach to personal change and executive leadership.

Scott was involved in the first-of-its-kind national Prison Pre-Release Re-Entry Pilot Program launched in San Francisco, designing rigorous workshops for inmates whose scheduled release date were within 30-90 days. Scott has also done substantial work with individuals’ higher functioning on the Autism spectrum. Scott doesn’t believe any of us have to live with labels imposed by anyone, or and especially those we choose to impose upon ourselves, consciously or unconsciously.

Scott holds fidelity to his belief that a life without limits is within everyone’s reach, regardless of the circumstances in which anyone finds themselves. Fulfillment and joy are not illusive, they are a choice.

Scott’s clientele is a celebration of diversity.