The EQUUS Experience®

One of our processes, for which we have gained worldwide acclaim, is The EQUUS Experience. Our award-winning leadership and personal development process, it engages partnership with horses to inspire discovery and insight in individuals, families and organizations in a joyful, memorable yet powerful way.

The approach uses various forms of ground work exercises that join horse and human into collaborative co-learning, thus revealing the way participants relate to themselves and others. All EQUUS facilitators are gifted at seeing these relationships and explore them with clients through the lenses of leadership, family, self-agency, wisdom and self-mastery.

No horse experience is necessary; no riding is involved.

Personal and Executive Coaching

Coaching sessions are approximately 50 minute calls on a regular scheduled basis. We commit to assisting our clients with their optimal desired outcomes, and help them to remain accountable to themselves in honoring their values and goals.

Wisdom Circles®

Real sustained change happens when people are surrounded by community. Innovative organizational cultures are co-created by confident leaders who feel that they have each other’s backs, can trust one another, and can confide safely in one another, and are aligned for a common purpose. For this reason EQUUS created facilitated leadership peer-group meetings called Wisdom Circles.

Custom Designed
Retreats and Workshops

Through an extensive intake process, EQUUS designs and facilitates game- and life-changing experiences for groups and individuals.

Retreats are day long, and multi-day and followed by several months of integrative coaching to ensure achieved outcomes. Clients stay next door at Four Seasons Rancho Encantado, or at one of the VRBO / Airbnb managed two-bedroom self contained casitas at the adjacent Pueblo Encantado neighborhood. This provides a seamless retreat experience where the clients needs are met from the moment they disembark from their plane.

Workshops are half-day, day-long, and multi-day. Participants may stay at any of our accommodation partners, with transportation to and from Thunderbird Ridge handled by Santa Fe Valet. Workshops are usually coupled with several months of peer group circle meetings called Wisdom Circles® to ensure long term sustained change.

Our custom-designed workshops and retreats are available at Thunderbird Ridge and off-site, to serve the needs of our clients.

Keystone Leadership

Keystone species, such as the wolf or buffalo, change entire ecosystems by their mere presence. When wolves where reintroduced to Yellowstone, for example, rivers changed course, native flora and fauna returned, creating a healthier environment for all. In the same way, leaders have the capacity to wield enormous positive impact, not only by what they do, but by their presence. Our specially designed Keystone Leadership program works to cultivate this elusive yet essential capacity in leaders and leadership teams.

Shamanic Offerings

The EQUUS Shamanic offerings are a spiritual approach to help restore and deepen your connection to Mother Earth through earth-based wisdom traditions. In our sessions together, we look at ways you are able to create conditions for an authentic connection to Mother Earth. You will discover how to initiate that connection to Mother Earth through learning earth-based techniques that anchor, grow, and strengthen your inner vision. This inner vision allows you to tap into your Soul Vision and assists you in navigating challenge with genuine earth-based technologies. As you re-orient yourself back to your Soul, you encounter yourself from a more evolved space that will support you to align more fully with your deeper knowing and purpose.

Thunderbird Ridge Venue

Thunderbird Ridge is the 11 acre EQUUS Experiential Discovery and Learning Campus in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and a premiere location seated on sacred ground where the original land’s caretakers are honored today. Extreme care and the highest standards are held. The campus includes a gracious hacienda, a large workshop space streaming with natural light with a portal framing the Jemez Mountains. There is a private one-to-one room, a sculpture garden walk, nature and hiking trails that lead into the National Forest. Among native piñon groves are secluded meditation and contemplative spots and vistas, and a covered pergola overlooking our arena. Nearby and within easy access are premiere hotels, Tesuque Village, and historic Santa Fe is simply 15 minutes away.