Susan Morel

Susan Morel, CPCC, EECF Candidate

“I’ve heard it said, our childhood never leaves us. Good, bad, or otherwise. So, being raised on the shores of Georgian Bay, Canada, surrounded by large granite rock and windswept pine trees has informed every step of my life’s path in a ‘hero’s journey’ kind of way. I have learned to sink deeply into the natural world and its capacity to heal myself and others. My journey as healer/counsellor/coach/teacher for 35 years has guided me to the magic of horses as four-legged helpers. Intertwining my helping spirit with natures’ gifts and horse love will lead me into my twilight years, and beyond, remembered by how I lead others to their very nature.”

Susan’s career path has always been dedicated to human services. She had an extensive vocation counseling, advocating, and facilitating groups for women who have experienced violence. She has also supported individuals through employment coaching and grief and bereavement groups. A passion of hers was teaching students of social work in a post-secondary setting. Before launching her coaching career, she culminated working for others as an Executive Director of a therapeutic riding facility. She is a lifelong entrepreneur, previously owning and operating a toy store, a construction company and for the last 12 years, a coaching and training practice dedicated to life coaching, equine therapies, and shamanic healing.

Kendra Prescott

Kendra Prescott, LPC, M.S.Ed., EECF Candidate

“Much of my life has been shaped by the gifts horses bring to bear and am honored to have witnessed their ability to transform the lives of others. I am committed to supporting people as they navigate their life, make discoveries about themselves and the world around them, stumble through difficult circumstances, and unearth the insight and awareness that engenders a life in alignment with what is most important. Time and space alongside a horse provide fertile ground for what is longing to come forth and I am privileged to usher in these moments for another.”

Kendra is an ardent student of life. Her curiosity and willingness to explore the vastness of the human experience cultivate excitement and deep gratitude for the opportunities of discovery we all have.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, consultant, and coach she is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of people. Whether it is teaching at the university level, providing psychotherapy to clients, or facilitating leadership development programs for international companies, she applies her earnest desire to meet the unique needs of each individual. Kendra is also a lifelong horse person and brings her intimate knowledge and diverse experiences into the landscape of a client’s experience with the horse.

Kendra received her master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and applies Acceptance and Commitment Theory to her work. She realizes the practice of mindfulness and leading a values-driven life are essential life skills at work and in our personal life.

Niccole Toral

Niccole Toral, MA, LPCC, CDWF, TEP, Vision Quest Guide

Over the last 17 years, Niccole spent time as an apprentice under respected indigenous healers from the highlands of the Peruvian Andes, North American First Nations, and Mexico. During these apprenticeships, she underwent intense spiritual initiations, which became the matrix for her approaches to healing.

Niccole specializes in Shamanic and Nature based ceremonies inherited from her North and South American ancestors and teachers during her training. She incorporates these ancient healing techniques to deepen a person’s experience of their loving and transformation so they may more fully inhabit who they authentically are.

“It is a calling and passion to assist you in celebrating the fullness of who you are. I believe our joy, our bliss, and our love will meet the hunger of this world. I have faith in the intelligence and wisdom of the the soul and the soul’s trajectory in this lifetime. Through my own personal work, I have been deeply sculpted and strengthened through the personal healing, training, and apprenticeships I’ve undertaken. I have been been profoundly inspired with the medicine and deep magic of what our ancestors and their lineages teach and awaken. These ancient, soul centered practices were generously shared with me and in return, I wish to extend my love and gratitude for these healers by sharing their wisdom with you and the healing they have to offer.”

Niccole hold a Master’s degree in Counseling and a Certificate in Transformational Eco-Psychology (TEP) from Southwestern College, a Consciousness-Centered Graduate Program. Niccole is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator (CDWF) and Bhakti Flow Yoga Teacher. She is a co-founder and owner of Mesa Vista Wellness, holistic counseling and Wellness Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Audrey Herrera-Castillo

Audrey Herrera-Castillo, ACC

“I’m inspired to work with individuals who are seeking a new way of being. Individuals who are on a journey and believe that opportunities come in many different packages. My goal is to be someone they meet along their journey, someone who leaves little nuggets for them to rediscover later on in life. Those rediscoveries happen at the exact moment when the person needs them.”

I am a seeker with a servant’s heart. I enjoy co-creating with people to help them get unstuck, to help them unearth the clarity they know deep down. For 30 years I worked in the public sector and it taught me that people want to be heard and understood. Practicing active listening, I bring my full attention to the client to feel and listen for the ways I can be of service to them.

Mary Ann Menetrey

Mary Ann Menetrey, MSc, MMCP

Registered Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner, Certified Equine Positional Release Practitioner and Instructor

“The work with EQUUS is profound in its ability facilitate change, both personally and globally. If we are willing to listen and work with the nature of the horse, old patterns can begin to shift and the possibilities for change become endless.”

Mary Ann’s path over the past several decades has focused on healing, whether it is the land, horses or humans. She is currently the owner of Primo Motion, a bodywork and healing practice combining numerous modalities including Equine and Human Ortho-Bionomy®, Equine Positional Release (EPR), Masterson Method Integrated Equine Bodywork, Reflex Balancing and more. A common thread of these modalities is that they are non-invasive and stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities. Mary Ann’s studies were initially driven by a desire to help her own horses with physical, health and emotional issues where traditional medicine could not find a solution. She bases her equine and human practice near Espanola, New Mexico.

Mary Ann is also a Certified Instructor of Equine Positional Release and teaches classes and workshops in various areas throughout the U.S. One of her life goals is to help benefit horse-human relationships. Her equine sessions and classes are geared toward ensuring the horse feels safe, the horse/human interaction is safe and comfortable, the nature of the horse is honored, and the human can recognize the need for changes that can benefit both the horse and themselves. Mary Ann’s work with the EQUUS Herd continues to inspire and influence this goal.