We adopted sweet Katie from the Espanola Animal Shelter. We’ve been told she is a purebred Australian Cattle Dog. But we think she’s actually a Northern New Mexico Butterfly Sheppard. She spends her days chasing butterflies and their shadows. When not herding butterflies, she’s coaxing Molly to play games of tumble and roll.

Éowyn ‘Wynnie’

Named after Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings character who was a fierce shieldmaiden, Wynnie is indeed idealistic, spirited, brave and high-minded. Adopted from the animal shelter, she spends her days in the piñon forests of Thunderbird Ridge, and hunts alongside her friend Lizzie.


Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ – Lizzie is a tuxedo cat, adopted from the animal shelter. When she arrived at Thunderbird Ridge, she had lived virtually her whole life in a cage, having come to the shelter as a kitten, and raised for over a year in that environment. Now she’s an adventuresome hunter, and is the first to enthusiastically greet our EQUUS clients at the driveway.


Super happy, joyful and content – Molly’s calm and welcoming presence soothes us all as she keeps a watchful eye on well, everything.

Kassandra (Cassie)

Cassie is named after Kassandra in Homer’s Odyssey, the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy who was cursed to utter prophecies which were true but which no one believed. Kassie is our faithful protectress and keeps the clan safe from coyotes, bears and mountain lions. She is a Jeruselem donkey, named because of the cross on her back, which is thought to be because of how the donkey carried the Holy Mother.


Cisco (Francisco) is an appendix quarter horse. This means that he is thoroughbred and quarter-horse – bred for competition in the hunter-jumper shows. He is named after St. Francis of Assisi for which Santa Fe is also named.


Cimarron means ‘the untamed one.’ He was a leopard appaloosa, and his lineage followed back all the way to Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce peoples who bred these horses to be outstanding war horses.

Cimarron’s spirit and impact resonates with everyone who’s spent time with him. His special vibration is still present here at Thunderbird Ridge. Missed in his body, his strong horse medicine connects with us and teaches us.

An EQUUS Wisdom Circle, named in his honor, took a moment to honor him and to invite his spirit in with as we carry the work of the Circle forward.

I have been repeating ‘Cimarron’ to myself often, appreciating his majesty and feeling super lucky to have his name carry us. – Meighan Leibert

In joyful memory of my mentor & friend Cimarron and his playful strength and presence, I commit to honoring his vitality through my full participation in our journey. – Tom Isaacson

There’s a calm moment, up close or even when viewed from a distance, when the invitation to simply connect and “be” happens. When accepted, it’s a shared moment. It’s an exchange of deep connection and true presence. There’s acknowledgement in this connection, and thrill, and joy, and peace, and everything that is. It is a silent invisible energized thread. It is felt where your soul lives. It’s that connection between spirits that once felt, is always available to you. This is my experience of the EQUUS herd and of Cimarron. – Dan Weil, CPCC


Dante (named after epic divine comedy Dante’s Inferno – an allegory representing the journey of the soul toward God). He is a an imported lusitano – a Brazillian bull fighting horse. He came to us from the equestrian world-wide show Cavalia and is credited for showing EQUUS the true way of liberty work.


Brio is a an imported lusitano – a Brazillian bull fighting horse. His name, when applied in Brazil to horse breeding, implies a particular quality of heart, fire, spirit and virtue.


Blue is a percheron-quarter-horse mix. The percheron’s were French battle horses who carried soldiers and pulled artillery and cannons during World War I. Blue is our miracle horse because after suddenly and inexplicably going blind, she regained nearly all of her sight through the intuitive guidance of working with alternative healing practitioners.