Couples Intensive Group Retreat brought to you by the collaboration of EQUUS and PACT.

From DENT:

We have made the difficult decision to postpone our upcoming Dent 2020 conference in Santa Fe to March 21-24, 2021.

Although we were encouraged that there have been no confirmed coronavirus incidents in New Mexico to date, many factors led us to take this step, including: our beloved Denters who are demographically at risk from unnecessary travel, the uncertainty of available child care as school districts across the country start to close, and increasing corporate travel restrictions.

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EQUUS Information for DENT – March 2020

Keynote Title:
56 Million Years of Wisdom for Leading and Living
Tuesday, March 24th 3PM (Mountain Time)

Keynote Summary:
What if you had an ancient and trusted teacher who had successfully lived through global heat spikes, fluctuating ice ages, tectonic upheavals, volcanic mega-explosions, and enormous evolutionary shifts? What would you ask them? What would you want to learn from them? In fact that teacher is here, and actively engaging with us, if we have the ears to listen, the eyes to see, and the heart to follow.

Join EQUUS Founders Kelly Wendorf and J. Scott Strachan as they take us on a fascinating and enlightening journey to meet equus-ferus-caballus – the horse. Only in this case, we meet them as sacred teacher and guide, rather than pet or beast of burden. Looking through the lens of their culture, we discover why they deliberately instruct us, and how they teach us to be better humans.

Kelly Wendorf and J. Scott Strachan are the Founding Partners of EQUUS, an innovative leadership- and personal-development organization based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As certified coaches and facilitators of personal and organizational change, they create conditions for breakthrough long-term learning. EQUUS uniquely combines neuroscience, systems theory, contemplative wisdom, attachment theory, somatic processes, indigenous knowledge, and nature-based intelligence in their coaching and leadership development approach that is both experiential and transformative. Their work has been featured in publications including Forbes, the Wall Street Journal magazine, Vogue, and Huffington Post. Kelly’s latest book Flying Lead Change – 56 Million Years of Wisdom for Leading and Living (Sounds True) is due to be released in October 2020.

Event Descriptions at Thunderbird Ridge – the Experiential Discovery & Learning Campus @ EQUUS.

Shamanic Power Animal Journey – Monday Afternoon
Many indigenous traditions recognize that our soul has this interconnected ‘animus’ aspect that travels with us as guide, mentor, protector and companion. Modern life splits us from this essential element of our empowered selves. Facilitated by two Lakota initiated Ceremonialists who are Pipe Carriers and Sundancers with the Cheyenne River Sioux, this authentic shamanic journey will take you to meet and reunite with what is called your ‘spirit animal’, or ‘power animal’. Powerfully deep and often poignant, this reunion equips us to face our lives with more strength, resilience and wisdom. Space is limited to 12 participants only. Two-hour experience

The EQUUS Experience® – Tuesday Morning
What if all the assumptions you had about yourself were not only challenged, but dispelled? What if they were replaced by new possibilities, and the courage and trust to live them? What if you were ready to let go of your assumptions and try a new point of view, a new way of being, a new direction? The EQUUS Experience is a two-hour innovative learning opportunity rooted in behavior and brain science, supported by the latest learning technologies and informed by a most trustworthy teaching companion – the horse. Space is limited to 12 participants only. Two-hour experience.