Rebecca Farr

Rebecca Farr


I’ve been in love with horses since the third grade. I was actually in love with whales until a classmate insisted that playing whales on the playground was impossible, and so she introduced me to horses.

The admiration and connection I have for and to all animals is heightened around equines. My current partner is a rescue horse who was in a kill shelter. We are developing a bond and learning from each other daily.

“I love this work because I am consistently amazed at the transformations I am so blessed to witness. The horses, the people, myself.”

I have a BA in psychology and an AA in Fine Art and Graphic Design. I strive to see all living things from this perspective. A good painting or photograph is only at its best when I have taken the time to really see my subject from every angle, including an emotional level.
I currently work as a presentations design specialist at a boutique financial firm in Santa Fe.