Our work

EQUUS is a self-mastery, discovery and leadership development organization. We use various evidence-based experiential approaches to ignite powerful lasting change and breakthrough learning in individuals, teams and companies.

Our work has been validated by thought leaders of the business community around the world, and recognized as a key differentiator in the art of teaching essential yet elusive organizational and personal growth concepts.

EQUUS strives to be part of the new narrative emerging that recognizes a need for not just intelligence, but wisdom, in order that we succeed. We live in rapidly changing times. Our lives, and our organizations need to be highly adaptive in order to thrive. Conventional approaches to living and leading are no longer effective for today’s challenges. New capacities of awareness, wisdom and presence are now required, yet these cannot be learned in the same way other skill-sets are learned. Instead, conditions need to be created for such capacities to emerge.

EQUUS creates those conditions.

We custom-create our processes to serve the needs of our clients, whether they be short-term sessions and workshops, or long-term retainer engagements.  Our clients include influential thought leaders, engaged individuals, organizations, and families.

One of our flagship processes is The EQUUS Experience® that works alongside horses to facilitate insight and sustained change.

I want to thank you again for such a wonderfully insightful experience. You are truly a gifted facilitator. I am still experiencing the “afterglow” of the session yesterday, which has left me feeling excited and free! Thank you.
– Dr. David Hans, clinical psychologist

 Image: Tony Stromberg

Image: Tony Stromberg

Custom-curated approach to breakthrough learning

EQUUS is a personal and organizational change platform where clients are supported to reshape their neural landscape to support a life of meaning and resilience. We explore how to:

  • Develop and master non-verbal skills

  • Develop inner resourcefulness in the face of challenges

  • Work through a power-with dynamic vs. a power-over dynamic

  • Diversify one’s leadership skills and styles

  • Be present, and know its impact

  • Create trust and safety

  • Develop the ability to self-regulate, and regulate others

  • Gain clarity of intention

  • Have sane, safe, mutually supportive relationships

  • Stay calm in a crisis

  • Sense ’emergent’ futures, and engage in ’emergent’ learning

  • Practice the art of collaborative leadership

  • Access wisdom

… and much more.

Why horses?

Some of our experiences work with an unlikely partnership, horses. We call this body of work The EQUUS Experience®.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. 
— Einstein

For over 55 million years equus ferus, the horse, has roamed in herds across the earth. Long before their fated partnership with mankind 6,000 years ago, horses became one of the most successful mammals due to their agility, sensitivity, sociability, and resilience.

Contrary to the myth of the aggressive solitary stallion, the herd is governed by a sophisticated lateral ‘moveable’ shared hierarchy that serves the whole. Horses use invisible cues and non-verbal communication to elude predators, retain order and safety, regulate each other’s nervous system, and maintain peace, so that they can thrive. They engage in a power-with rather than power-over dynamic that liberates effective and appropriate responses. They value connection, clarity and authenticity, and trust those who are congruent with their intentions. Their leaders are those who demonstrate care, responsiveness, clarity, presence and charisma.

No other animal has captured the human imagination quite like the horse. From the first depictions scratched onto stone by our ancestors to photography and film, horses are ubiquitous in myth and folklore. They’ve accompanied us on the front lines of battlefields, helped us conquer lands, and tame landscapes into agricultural abundance. Now they emerge as partners on new frontline—the human heart.

This latest partnership is translated by The EQUUS Experience® through 40 years of fine horsemanship experience, equine physiology and behavior, as well as decades of academic and practical experience in systems theory, group dynamics, neuro-psychology, bio-mimicry, attachment theory, and awareness-based social technologies. These disciplines are combined to translate horse and herd dynamics through the lens of awareness-based, organizational learning and systems thinking. Our approach allows individuals and organizations to suspend habitual ways of paying attention and connect to deeper sources of knowing, resulting in practical ‘non predatory’ applications towards innovative approaches in organizational change, leadership and self-mastery.

The non-predator approach to living contrasts conventional tendencies to emphasize thought over emotion, logic over intuition, territory over relationship, goal over process, manipulation over inspiration, intimidation over cooperation, and coercion over collaboration. This approach both instructs our clients and informs all our other processes (that do not include horses). Hence EQUUS, its organizational structure, its faculty, and its offerings are horse-informed through the biomimicry of the horse and herd.          
     *No horse experience is necessary; no riding is involved.

What people are saying about our work…

I can’t express how impressed I am with your approach. The Air Force invests heavily in leadership development for its Officer Corps. In my 24 year career, I was fortunate enough to participate in a variety of programs. Our session together just might have been the best one-hour leadership lab I have ever attended, and it was a lot more fun. (EQUUS private leadership coaching)
– Jack Davis (Col), entrepreneur

As a group of leaders, we participated in the EQUUS horse-assisted leadership program, an amazing activity in which we built relationships with individual horses, using trust…No riding was involved, just the opportunity to witness the power of relationships, even across species. (EQUUS Leadership Lab)
– Michelle Clements, Sr. VP of Human Resources, REI

…a religious experience. (EQUUS signature retreat)
–  Academy Award winning actor

  Photo by Tony Stromberg

Photo by Tony Stromberg

Such a powerful, dynamic reflection. I’m still gaining new insights from it one-and-a-half years later!    Allison SchultzFounder, COO, Reboot.io

My work with EQUUS has demonstrated to me the power of deliberative leadership and authentic communication in my business and personal life. This experience has truly transformed the way I lead my company. (EQUUS private leadership coaching)
– Ana Mandel, consultant

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